Fricacoin (FRI)

Fricacoin, a token of the Ethereum platform, is a crowdfunding mechanism created to finance the services & products consumed by its members. Thus, the consumer is the investor of what he consumes and participates in profit sharing.

crypto_logo_icon Goal 2,000,000

0€ 2,000,000 €

Why to contribute?

about_icon African Cryptocurrency

Multiple fiat currencies in Africa limit transactions and people movement between african countries. A huge loss for each conversion between two african currencies. Could unique african currency be a crypto?
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about_icon Global e-Payments & Secure

Every year in Africa, more than 100 billion US dollars of transactions are still done in cash, because of a very high rate of unbanked people. This becomes a lucrative opportunity for savvy entrepreneurs.
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Our data

  • More Than 124 000 Members
  • More Than 200 countries around the world
  • More Than 2 950 cities around the world
Round 1 (From 02/02/2018) 1 FRI = 0.00001€
Round 2 (From 08/08/2018) 1 FRI = 0.0001€
Round 3 (From 08/10/2018) 1 FRI = 0.0005€
Round 4 (From 08/01/2019) 1 FRI = 0.001€
Round 5 (From 08/04/2019) 1 FRI = 0.005€
Selling Starts On (01/07/2019) 1 FRI = 0.01€

Potential of cryptos & Tokens

In 2010, 2 pizzas have been bought at 10,000 bitcoins.
On December 5, 2017, those 10,000 bitcoins were worth US $ 150 million.

Do not regret in 8 years as those who knew bitcoin in 2010 without acting, especially if we pair Fricacoin with a product with very high potential of profitability that we all consume: Money Transfer - Mobile Money and e-payments (invoices, e-commerce sites, etc.)

Africa has the best opportunities today

Today, 1 million FRI = 1000€ Imagine 1 FRI = 1€ in 5 years.. Create your account today and participate in one of the most profitable sectors in Africa: the Mobile Money

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is PayKap? A Mobile Money platform in Africa, an international online money transfer and electronic payments.
What is Mobile Money? It’s a money transfer system through a mobile phone number. It’s a banking system where the bank account number is the phone number.
How can I help PayKap to operate in my country? By putting us in contact with the top management of financial institutions (banks, microfinances, etc.) in your country. Being an investor, PayKap growth is also the fruit of our collaborative participation. Contact Us:
The more you recommend your friends, family to use PayKap, the more PayKap with take value and Fricacoin too for the benefit of all the owners. So everyone works not only for common interest but also for personal one for a financial freedom.
What do I obtain by helping PayKap to operate in my country? You get fricacoins. The number of fricacoins depends on the potential of the financial institution (number of branches, number of cities, number of countries where it is operating, etc).
What can I do more? Section VI.3 of the whitepaper lists the 10 most profitable sectors in Africa. If you have any competences on any of those sectors, you can put your conerstone in the edification of a strong Africa by the strength of numerical and collaborative economy. Contact Us:
Buy by ETHER Login to your fricacoin account, click on the Buy/Sale link on the horizontal top menu (on the desktop) or on the top right icon (Mobile Phone). After that, click on the Buy Fricacoin (with ETH) and follow the simple FOUR (4) steps. Those four steps are required to finalize the payment of your purchase.
Buy by banking transfer or Money Transfer in ($US, $CAN, €, XAF/XOF) Login to your Fricacoin account and click on the link How to buy Fricacoins? on your personal homepage and choose one option based on your country. You also have banking information or our recipient's information for the money transfer.
How to send a transfer receipt or bank transfer receipt? Login to your Fricacoin account and click on the link Send transfer receipt on your personal homepage.
What is a Fricacoin Seller? In Africa, almost all transactions take place in cash. So, to be accessible to the lowest layer populations, the Fricacoin seller (a person or a store, shop, firm, etc.) converts the member's cash to Fricacoin during the selling.
How to become a seller? Transfer at least 1000€ in his/her Fricacoin account in Euro in a single transaction to be ready at any time to sell if a member contacts him/her.
NB: It will be necessary to contact us to be approved and added on the sellers public list. Approval is necessary before any transfer with the intention to be a seller.
What are the seller commissions? 18% of the amount of the transaction. Ex: For a purchase of 1000€, the seller's commission is 180€. For more details, consult the whitepaper.
When to buy from a seller? When the buyer wants to buy: - for less than 500€ and - in fiat currency ($US, $CAN, €, XAF/XOF)
Where to find a seller? Login to your Fricacoin account and click on the link View sellers/super-sellers on your personal homepage.
What are the precautions to take when buying from a seller? The list of sellers is updated frequently. Therefore, to deal with a seller, you must check for each transaction that the person is still an authorized seller. We will have no other mechanism to protect you when the seller is not on the list of authorized sellers.
What is the applicable exchange rate when dealing with the seller? The applicable exchange rate is the rate when the seller is ready (has withdrawn the money or has received the cash money or has been awared that the money has been deposited in her/his Bank/Mobile Money Account) to buy your fricacoins. Therefore, it is not the rate that was applicable when the buyer transferred/deposited the money.
What is a super-seller? It’s a seller that’s able to transfer euros (amount) in the euro account of another sellers or a member who obtained approval to have euros in his/her euro account.
What is the condition to be a super-seller? None. The super-seller is chosen by us according to degree of his/her implication in the project: his selling volumes, his number of godchildren, his/her engagement in our social medias, etc.
What is the investment min? 1€ in Africa, Canadian $170, 100€ everywhere else in the world.
Why is the minimum so low in Africa? Like his name says, it’s African coin. It must be accessible to all Africans whatever their income.
When will begin sale? July 1st 2019
Where will the sales take place? On or on exchange platforms or both.
What are the different investment packs with bonus?
Gold Pack Silver Pack Bronze Pack Base Pack
100 000€ and more 50 000€ and more 1 000€ and more 100€ and more
25% bonus (+25 000€) 20% bonus (+10 000€) 15% bonus (+150€) 10% bonus (+10€)
The purchase can be made in several transactions but in an edge of less than 24 hours from the beginning of the first transaction.
Is the referral Program mandatory? No.
Is the Fricacoin a MLM? No.
How the referral Program works? The referral program works by using the referral code or referral link. The sponsorship is considered if the new member creates his/her account using your referral link or manually entering your referral code on the registration form.
What are the benefits of referring others? 10% bonus for any purchase made by a sponsored person.
What is the value of Fricacoin in pre-sale?
Round 1 (From 02/02/2018) 1 FRI = 0.00001€
Round 2 (From 08/08/2018) 1 FRI = 0.0001€
Round 3 (From 08/10/2018) 1 FRI = 0.0005€
Round 4 (From 08/01/2019) 1 FRI = 0.001€
Round 5 (From 08/04/2019) 1 FRI = 0.005€
Selling Starts On (01/07/2019) 1 FRI = 0.01€
Why does Fricacoin value changes in pre-sale? Reducing rapidly the quantity of fricacoins in circulation for the same amount of investments in order to increase the ROI (Return On Investment) of the first investors. Many people wait until now to see if it is not swindle for some, or if PayKap is going indeed to fan out for others. They forget that it is their investments which could help PayKap to fan out fast in Africa and beyond.
Can the value change between two rounds? Yes. Between rounds, Fricacoin value can increase without notice but without exceeding the envisaged value for the next round.
How to transfer Fricacoins on MyEtherWallet? Login to your Fricacoin account and click on the link Transfer Fricacoins on your personal homepage. Gas fees (charged by Ethereum) is 0.75€.
You can also ask a seller to do it for you. Here, the gas fees are 1€ with the seller's commission of 0.25€.
What is the advantage to transfer Fricacoin nowadays? Nothing beacuse the owner cannot sell them before July 1st 2019. Private keys will not be available before that date.
Why is the balance of my Fricacoins on MyEtherWallet lower than that of my account on Your Fricacoins balance could be updated from your last transfer (or never transfer since it is optional today) by the bonus from the referral program. In case of difference (superior or inferior) in between both balances, it is that of account that is applicable.